Monday, April 6, 2009

The CRJT Crew: say hello!

This here's Campus Rail Jam Tour crew. They do everything to make the events happen, so make sure to high five them! They live on gutted out Greyhound bus found on Craigslist and risk life and limb every day to promote the joys of skiing and snowboarding. If you see them taking over your campus, be sure to say hi!

PAT- Our resident musician-turned-snowboarder. Loves: trading things, snowboarding shirtless.

DRAE- The Three Pee: Poops, Pyramids, and Passing out.

LOGAN- Newbie on tour. We'll see how this goes.

KAIT- Can usually be found making the tour look pretty or complaining about how gross the bus is.

TAY- He's in charge of things going down. Enjoys high fives and a good whiskey.

DOM- Bus driving love kitten. Makes a bomb Bus Fried Rice.

ERIC- this kid will do anything for floam.

DAN- don't stare at his mustache too long or he'll start licking it.

BIG AL- aka Albatros aka alberstons aka al la mode aka root canal aka all alone aka reverend al aka allegra aka weird al yankovich aka alvis aka alvin and the chipmunks aka allegory aka alliteration aka altimeter aka altitude aka alligator aka al in wonderland.

DREW- Needs kitty litter. Last seen with no beard.

ADAM- Collector of hearts and precious stones.

JON- Whaaaaaaaat. Don't give this one sugar. Or do...?

RYAN- best hugger on tour.

BRUKE- If he hasn't already, he might find you on couchsurfing.com

SHAUN- Goofball.

GRADY- This guy is hot, and he knows it. Ladies, beware.

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