Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Deere Party

The Boulder Freeride House, aka- The Fantacy not only provided us a place to keep warm, but also plenty of Party. Fantacy Resident, Logan, and former full-time farm boy, decided on a John Deer themed party for his birthday. Here’s a few memories.

Logan proving even farm boys get F'd! Happy B-Day

John Deere: Some wore green shirts, some wore flannels, some overalls, and some used it as an excuse to accessorize.

OMG, Those adorable JIB JAMMERS are here

Actually Eric, you are F'd

Daley: "Hey dude Jump off the porch into the Bush"
Chad: "No way"
Daley: "You'll be on Fuel TV"
Chad: "Really, Ok, hold my beer"

Fantacy's own Jon and Max. Jon Deere in the Headlights and Max showing he knows how to touch, tease, kiss, and please.

Diehl, Dom, and Daley. All going overboard.

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